Polished Lash & Brow Tool Kit

Introducing our all-new Polished Lash & Brow Kit! This premium beauty kit consists of 4 high quality beauty tools that you need to apply you lashes and clean up your brows.


Stainless Steel Beauty Tools 

Matte Black Finish 


Beauty Tools Included:

Polished Eyelash Applicator - Whether you are a beginner or experienced lash wearer, our Pro Performance Eyelash Applicator helps you easily apply your lashes. Use this beauty tool to get your lashes close to your lash line for flawless results.

Polished Eyelash & Brow Scissors - Customize your lashes and brows in style! Our Pro Performance scissors has ultra-thin sharp blades to help you customize your lashes band length to the perfect size that fits your eyes. Being that these scissors are multi-functional, you can also use them to shape and clean up your brows.

Polished Eyelash Curler- This eyelash applicator is a game changer when it comes to giving your natural lashes or false lashes a deep curl. It is designed with an ergonomic handle and is comfortable and easy to use, while giving your lashes a long-lasting curl. It also comes with 4 soft cushion silicone pads.

Polished Tweezers - These tweezers makes plucking and cleaning up your brows a breeze. It is designed with a perfect slant to get extremely close to easily remove hair from the root.