Glam Essentials Starter Kit

Try our most natural NEW lashes along with a 2-in-1 Hybrid Lash Glue + Eyeliner! Our "Glam Essentials Starter Kit" features the perfect everyday glam lashes along with a way to apply them fast and easy!

Compared to traditional eyelashes, our Knot-Free Invisible "Glam Essentials" lashes are designed to have an undetectable band. It features a 0.08mm invisible lash band which is the thinnest band on the market. 

These lashes are wispy, featherlike lashes with a natural look, ultra-curl and 3D effect.

Lashes Features:
-Natural Look
-Cruelty Free
-3d Faux Mink Lashes
-100% Hand Made
-Eco-friendly Packaging
-Super Thin Invisible Band
-Flexible Bands Conform To Eyes
2-in-1 Hybrid Lash Glue + Eyeliner Features:
-Dries in 20-30 Seconds
-No Messy Glue
-No Heavy Magnets
-For All Strip Lashes
(Check out our "Glam Essentials" single pair of lashes if you'd like to purchase the lashes without the 2-In-1 Hybrid Lash Glue + Eyeliner)